Balancing your responsibilities at home and at work is really a challenge. Most days, you don’t even have time for YOU. But no matter how busy you are, you need to stop and take a breather every once in awhile. Here are four quick tips for entrepreneur moms:

If it’s too late and you are already stressed…

1. Take a break

The never-ending list of to-dos may leave any Mom Entrepreneur feeling lost and overwhelmed. Despite these feelings, you may feel guilty to stop and take a break in the fear of lagging further behind. However, this is counterproductive because when you’re in a high-stress situation, your thinking is often cluttered making you less productive. Accoriding to Michele Dortch, The Integrated Mother, taking a 15-minute nature walk or just stopping work can actually provide amazing clarity and help you complete your tasks on time. To prevent going on overload, try the following tips on a regular basis.

2. Take time out to socialize each week.

Alice Seba of Mom Masterminds advises taking time out to socialize is important to the Mom Entrepreneur. It is important to seek opportunities to socialize each week—with girlfriends, partner, or even just to have some time alone. It helps revive her strength and helps her become more focused when she comes back to being a mom or a businessperson. Alice says, “All work and no play not only makes you a dull mama, but it makes you a stressed out and ineffective one, too!”

3. Take a few “Mommy Minutes” and make it your routine.

Ponn Sabra, author of Empowering Women to Power Network, takes “Mommy Minutes” and makes it her routine. Ponn sits in a self-made sauna in the bathroom while running a hot shower or enjoys a favorite snack.

Ponn also emphasizes that “adults need naps, too!” Whether for ten minutes or forty-five, mid-afternoon naps can provide the revitalization you need to take yourself out of stressful situations and to regain focus. You will have more energy if you meditate and clear your head.

4. Go “off duty” regularly.

In the book by Linda Goodman Pillsbury’s Survival Tips for Working Moms, she recommends “off duty” schedules. For example, you may tell your children that 8:30 every night, the kids cannot bother you with “Where are my pink blouse?” or “I need glue for a school project tomorrow,” etc. Of course, you are there for emergencies. Your children will learn to respect this “off duty” time and learn to ask for what they need before you go off duty or wait until the morning.

These are simple steps to take but can make a big impact in your daily life. The goal is to balance all your responsibilities to avoid from getting overworked and stressed out. By doing so, you’ll be able to fulfill all your obligations in a more efficient and effective manner. And of course, everyone around you will benefit with this, especially your family.

Isn’t it awesome to be a successful Mom and an Entrepreneur at the same time?