“Discover How To Build An Email List of 1000 Subscribers In 30 Days And Profit From Your First Newsletter…”

Find Out The Exact Steps And System To Start And Build A Highly-Profitable Email List And Keep Growing It For Years To Come

Getting ahead in today’s world is fierce unless you have one thing… An audience.

In other words, people who are interested in what you have to say and offer.
You need subscribers. Followers. Fans. Whatever you would like to call it.
You need to build a list of subscribers first.

What Are The Benefits of Building An Email List?

Picture this, you want to get away for a short trip but your budget just can’t supplement it. So you send out a special offer to your email list and BAM!…You receive an influx of sales! That’s the power of having your own email list.

You have the power to make money on demand. Whether you’re a coach, information marketer, affiliate marketer or someone who’s looking for a home business, an email list is your key to success.

But how exactly do you get started? The good news is, you can learn how to build your very first email list quickly and easily today.

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10 exclusive, step-by-step video tutorials that’ll show you the tools, techniques and my top tips on email marketing and list building.

You discover how to build a list of 1000 subscribers in just 30 days and profit from your first newsletter.

This is THE essential course on list building. If you’re just starting out, this is the perfect companion.

The List Authority Guide

What you’ll discover in this eBook:

Why email marketing is crucial in any business.

How to set up and create an autoresponder and opt-in.

How to create a landing page to start collecting subscribers.
How to encourage people to sign up with an opt-in form, incentives and landing pages.

How to drive traffic to your site to drastically increase your numbers and your conversions.

How to communicate with your list to get them hanging off of your every word.

The 6 types of emails you can send to your email subscribers.

How to monetize your list with your own products or affiliate sales.

How to get people to actually buy what you promote.

6 types of giveaways/lead magnets you can give to subscribers in exchange for their email.

When is the best time to email your subscribers.

How often should your email your subscribers.

How to create an optimal autoresponder sequence that builds trust with your subscribers and of course makes you money.
…and much, much more!

FAST-ACTION BONUS #1: Point-By-Point Checklist

View or print this handy checklist so that you can check off each point.

It is like a summary of the entire guide but in actionable, bite-sized points so that you can successfully get through the course.

FAST-ACTION BONUS #2: Resource Cheat Sheet

You’ll also get access to a rolodex of top sites, blogs, forums, tools, apps and services to get you even further.

Inside you’ll find:

  1. Autoresponder resources
  2. Landing page resources
  3. List building resources
  4. Email marketing resources
  5. Outsourcing resources

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